Two Options Under One Roof!

  • No More Guessing Where to Go

    Tired of Wondering Where to Go for Treatment?

    How many times have you found yourself on WebMD® trying to figure out when and where to go for appropriate medical care? Making the right choice in where to seek treatment can be vital not only to your physical health but also to your financial health. This is where our unique hybrid model comes in play. No more wondering if you went to the right place for treatment, wasting precious time, or spending more money than you need for the level of care you truly require.  With an Urgent Care and full service Emergency Room under the same roof you will always receive the appropriate care at the appropriate cost.

  • The Right Level of care at the right price

    Almost half of patients who go to an emergency room for treatment could have been seen in an urgent care. Having both options under one roof can save you hundreds of dollars compared to traditional hospital ERs who charge full emergency room pricing for non-emergent conditions.

    Full Spectrum Urgent Care is in-network with most major insurance providers including Tricare, Medicare, & Medicaid. We have transparent self-pay pricing and flexible payment arrangements for patients without insurance or who are out-of-network.

    Full Spectrum Emergency Room accepts most commercial insurance plans. Due to Federal Regulations, freestanding emergency centers are currently unable to accept Tricare, Medicare, and Medicaid. Self-pay options with flexible payment arrangements are also available for ER services for patients who are uninsured.

  • Personalized, Compassionate Care

    Don’t pay more for less.

    Because we don’t have the lengthy wait times of a traditional hospital emergency department, you will be seen by a board certified emergency medicine physician within minutes of your arrival. Your treatment plan will begin immediately as your experienced team swings into action the moment you arrive. With our on-site labs and advanced radiology equipment you will have results within minutes, not hours.  We value your time and will get you back in action as quickly as possible.

    Questions about billing or insurance afterwards? We’ve done away with huge, impersonal billing companies and brought these services in-house to better serve our patients! We’re here for you every step of the way.

Please Note: Patients UNDER 6 months of age MUST be seen in the Emergency Room.

Have questions?

No worries, we are here to help! If your question regards billing or insurance please visit that section of our site for further details. For all other questions, comments, or concerns please contact us, we are more than happy to assist in finding the answers you need.