Your emergency is our priority.


At Full Spectrum, you won’t have to sit in a lobby for an unknown amount of time before you are seen by a doctor. Our facilities have little to no wait time and 100% Board Certified Emergency Medicine physicians so you always know you are in experienced hands. No matter how big or small, we are equipped to handle any emergent condition.

Emergency Services

Laboratory Services

Our certified lab can perform a wide variety of testing, many with rapid results. Everything from Full Hematology (CBC) to Kidney Function Testing and much more.
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Observation Rooms

Our 24 hour observation suites provide extended treatment options for patients requiring advanced care without costly and prolonged hospital admission.
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Ambulance & Transportation

Need help getting to and from our facilities or need to get transferred to a higher level of care? We partner with the best ambulance transportation services in the city to make sure you are always in good hands.
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Conditions Treated

Chest Pain & Heart Attack Symptoms

Stomach & Abdominal Pain

Head/Facial Injuries & Concussions

Burns & Lacerations

Severe Asthma & Respiratory Conditions

Fractures & Severe Sprains/Dislocation

Stroke & Stroke-Like Symptoms

Chemical Exposure & Accidental Poisoning

Animal Bites & Insect Stings

Eye Injuries & Dental Blocks

Kidney Stones & Severe Urinary Tract Infections

Seizures & Dizziness/Vertigo

Falling Injuries & Severe Bleeding

High Blood Pressure & Diabetes Complications

Migraines & Dehydration

Severe Rashes & Allergic Reactions

Sports Injuries & Auto Accidents

Severe Nausea/Vomiting & Diarrhea

Heat Exhaustion & Heat Stroke

Pneumonia & Severe Bronchitis

Have questions?

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