Notice of Emergency Room Billing Practices

In accordance with Texas SB 425 Full Spectrum Emergency Room is required to post the following in regards to billing practices in freestanding emergency departments:

  • Full Spectrum Emergency Room is a Freestanding Emergency Room facility.
  • Billing rates are comparable to any hospital ER which my charge a facility fee.
  • This facility may not be a participating provider in your health benefit plan provider network, however, Texas Department of Insurance Code, Section 1301.155 on Emergency Care requires that insurance companies pay emergency facilities “at the insured′s in-network benefit level” for all services.
  • Physician(s) providing treatment may not be a participating provider in each patient′s health benefit plan provider network and may bill separately from the facility for medical care provided.
  • Full Spectrum Emergency Room is not a participating provider for Medicare, Medicaid, or Tricare.

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Still have questions?

From the beginning of your visit to the end of the claims process and beyond, we are here to help! Call our dedicated and professional in-house billing team at 210-530-1207 between the hours of 8am-5pm CST with any questions you may have. If you are contacting us in regards to specific billing inquires please have the patients name, account number, location where treatment was provided, and phone number available to expedite your request. All billing inquires will be processed in the order received and will be addressed within 2-4 business days.