Full Spectrum Emergency Room and Full Spectrum Urgent Care facilities are divisions of Spectrum Healthcare, which is proudly based locally here in San Antonio, TX. At Spectrum Healthcare we are a physician-owned enterprise whose principal objective is to raise and uphold the standard of healthcare delivery. Our facilities are dedicated to consistently providing the best experience to our patients and the communities we serve. As practicing physicians we fully understand the significance of our financial responsibility to always act in the best interest of our patients. As U.S. military veterans we understand the meaning and value of service to our community. As experienced academic faculty we understand the importance of compassion and integrity. And as parents, spouses, neighbors, and at times even patients ourselves, we absolutely understand how critical our enterprise is to the future of healthcare.

Our Pillars

We believe our success will be maintained through adherence to the pillars that define the foundation of our practice.

First Pillar – The Best Quality Medical Care

Our first pillar is to provide the best quality medical care for our patients. We achieve this in-part by only employing experienced board certified medicine physicians and compassionate support staff. 100% of our physicians have trained in trauma centers and over 95% of them have trained as military doctors, going into combat theaters across the globe.

Second Pillar – The Best Experience

Our second pillar is to provide the best experience for both our patients and staff. We find the best way to take care of our patients is to take care of our staff. Each time a patient presents to the ED, they will be cared for by someone who actually wants to be there because they enjoy their job and believe in the care they provide. This translates directly into the care given to our patients, many have verbalized that they knew the staff loved their job because of the way they carried themselves. To this end we constantly look for ways in which to improve our patient flow, facility design, and spectrum of services. 

Third Pillar – Meaningful Community Service

Our third pillar is to provide meaningful community service to the areas we serve. Yes, we’re your neighbors as well and we want to care for you not just today, but for the tomorrows too.We provide FREE monthly CPR & First Aid classes for the community. We put on blood drives to obtain precious life saving platelets and blood for South Texas. We offer ImPACT concussion testing for the young athletes of our communities.

Outreach programs, scholarship promotion, continuing education seminars, and volunteer services at local schools and sporting events are just a few of these activities and we are always looking for more ways to help. 

Fourth Pillar – Fiscal Stewardship

Our fourth pillar centers around our commitment to fiscal stewardship. Money is hard to come by and we are dedicated to keeping our costs down. By providing the option of urgent care for urgent care needs we greatly reduce the cost of care for our patients. Likewise we support our patients in dealing with insurance claims throughout the process in order to reduce the headache of filing and completing the insurance claim. We are here for you.

Questions about us?

No worries, we are here to help! If your question regards billing or insurance please visit that section of our site for further details. For all other questions, comments, or concerns please contact us, we are more than happy to assist in finding the answers you need.